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Unforgettable Adventures and Captivating Moments: Exploring the Wonders of Kefalonia

Welcome to the enchanting island of Kefalonia, where every moment is an invitation to experience the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in a realm of natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. At the heart of Kefalonia's allure is a commitment to creating unforgettable memories. Picture yourself amidst the azure waters and breathtaking landscapes that define this Mediterranean gem.


Venetian Castle of Assos

The Venetian Castle of Assos in Kefalonia is a designated European Heritage Site and one of Kefalonia's two remaining fortresses. The Venetians constructed it in the 16th century on top of four bastions and later added two more to protect the island from frequent invasions by pirates and Ottomans. Due to its strategic location, it became the capital of Northern Kefalonia. However, when the Venetians captured Lefkada from the Ottomans, it lost its usefulness as a defensive structure, and Argostoli became the new capital. After 1920, it was used as a prison. It was initially a rural prison for small-scale offenders and later housed serious offenders with long sentences. After World War II, it was used to imprison political prisoners. Thankfully, the outside walls of the castle were spared from the devastating fate of most of the buildings in Kefalonia due to the tragic earthquake of 1953. However, the prison was eventually closed down, and its residents abandoned it. The castle's outside walls span 2,000 meters and are rectangular, a typical example of Venetian and military architecture. It has four corners with bastions named Saint Markos, Saint John of the Count, Respuna, and Mora. There is a fifth one, between Respuna and Mora, called Santa Maria, and a sixth one, north of Mora, called Kabusa. The Lion of Saint Mark, which lies at the fortress's entrance, is its main attraction. Additionally, the Orthodox church of Prophet Elias was built in 1800 on top of the remains of another church. Furthermore, six or seven Venetian cannons can be seen to the north and west of the walls.


Melissani Cave

Experience the magic of the Cave of Melissani in Kefalonia, Greece. This captivating tourist attraction is located just outside Sami and boasts a unique feature - a lake inside the cave surrounded by lush trees and forests. The cave is shaped like the letter B, with two chambers separated by an island in the centre. The first chamber is sun-lit, and the second is dark, adorned with stalactites covered in algae and moss. Centuries ago, the roof of one of the halls caved in, allowing sunlight to filter in, illuminating the turquoise-blue waters of the 20 to the 30-meter-deep lake. At noon, the sunlight creates a magical illusion, lighting the entire cave with blue light. The best time to visit the cave is in the morning or evening, when the slanting rays create an ethereal feeling of boats hovering in the light. The lake's water is a mixture of freshwater and seawater, about 500 meters from the sea and 1 meter above sea level. The Cave of Melissani is a memorable and lasting attraction, leaving an indelible impression on all who visit. According to legend, the cave took its name from the nymph Melissanthi, who committed suicide when God Pan did not reciprocate her love. Excavations in 1962 uncovered many artefacts, including figures of nymphs dating back to the 3rd and 4th century BC, lending credence to the myth. Adventurers can enter the cave through an underground path and explore the cave's mystical lake on a boat tour. Take advantage of the chance to explore one of Greece's most significant tourist attractions, the Cave of Melissani.


Agios Gerasimos Monastery

St. Gerasimos, a descendant of the Notaras family (a well-known Byzantine family during the reign of Constantine Palaiologos), was born in 1509 in Trikala Corinthos, in the Peloponnesus and raised in piety by his parents, Demetrios and Kale. At a young age, he was moved by the number of Christians martyred in Constantinople and committed his life to monasticism. He spent years in holy pilgrimage, visiting Mount Athos, the Holy Land, and other sacred sites before settling in a cave in Cephalonia at around 50. In Cephalonia, St. Gerasimos restored an old church and built a convent around it, which remains today at Omala. The monastery is a testament to his devotion and serves as a sacred pilgrimage site for the faithful. His holy relics, which remain complete and incorrupt, emit a heavenly fragrance and work many miracles as a powerful reminder of his life's sanctity. St. Gerasimos died on August 15, 1579, having been forewarned of the day of his death. He is commemorated on August 16, and his memory is celebrated on October 20, the day of translating his relics. He has become the patron saint of the island of Cephalonia and the protector of all its inhabitants, standing as a powerful intercessor before God. Today, the monastery has been rebuilt and now stands as an impressive structure, complete with a newly constructed church. Visitors can also see his hermitage, which consists of two underground rooms accessible by a narrow path and a staircase. His legacy lives on through the three plane trees (Platanus) he planted and the three wells he dug with his own hands, all of which are preserved at the monastery. St. Gerasimos' life is a testament to the power of faith and devotion. His story is one of sacrifice, dedication, and pursuing a higher calling. His monastery in Cephalonia reminds him of his enduring legacy and continues to inspire and uplift all who visit it.

Food & Drinks

Denis Restaurant Trapezaki

Gourmet Dining in Kefalonia Denis Gourmet Restaurant in Trapezaki bay is the most luscious idea of fine dining in Kefalonia. Our experienced chef and expert in organic cuisine, created a unique menu of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and loved traditional dishes with gourmet touches, composed of the freshest and purest ingredients. Denis Gourmet Restaurant Kefalonia is situated right above Trapezaki beach, surrounded by lush Kefalonian nature while offering amazing infinity views to the Ionian Sea and the nearby island of Zante, in a minimal yet elegantly designed ambience. Experience the finest dining in Kefalonia Imagine the aromas of the most loved Mediterranean dishes blending with the colours of the Greek nature in the sea breeze of the Ionian. Surrounded by luscious nature and viewing the endless velvet blue of the Ionian Sea, Denis Gourmet Restaurant in Kefalonia invites its guests to indulge their palates with Try seafood recipes served as you have never imagined, salads from the freshest ingredients of the Kefalonian land, and selected grilled meat dishes presented with creative, delicious ways. Embracing the art of gourmet dining, infused with the rich aromas of the Greek products and breathtaking views to the infinite horizon, Denis Gourmet Restaurant Kefalonia elevates your dining experience to a memorable epicurean trip. Indulge your palates with gourmet creations of our bio chef Experience the ultimate of fine dining in Kefalonia and delight your taste buds in a gastronomic gourmet adventure. Our experienced chef and expert in organic cuisine, created a unique menu of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and loved traditional dishes and fruits of the sea with gourmet touches, composed of the freshest and purest ingredients. Try seafood recipes served as you have never imagined, salads from the freshest ingredients of the Kefalonian land, and selected grilled meat dishes presented with creative, delicious ways. Our selected local wines list complete your culinary trip adding the unique Kefalonian spirit! Enjoy breathtaking views Nestling almost on the seafront at Trapezaki bay, Denis Gourmet restaurant artistically combines the breathtaking view to the Ionian with the modern, minimal ambience, inspired by traditional Greek colours in a chic yet elegant design.


Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach is an absolute marvel of nature that attracts visitors from all over the world. Various travel magazines consistently rank it as one of the planet's most beautiful and impressive beaches. The beach is widely praised for its pristine waters and immaculate cleanliness, which have won it several awards. Its unique semi-circular shape is enveloped by towering white cliffs, a marvel of nature, covered in lush vegetation that cascades down towards the shimmering white pebbles below. The crystal-clear waters are a sight to behold, and the beach is well-organized, with plenty of umbrellas and sun loungers for visitors to soak up the sun. What makes Myrtos Beach even more remarkable is that part remains untouched, providing an ideal spot for complete isolation and tranquillity. The western coast of Myrtos offers unrivalled sunset views that leave visitors in awe. Additionally, the beach offers many amenities, including a snack bar serving cold drinks, to ensure visitors have the most comfortable experience possible.

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