Terms and Conditions


By booking this property, you agree to review, understand, and agree to the terms outlined herein.

1. The villa is leased solely for residential purposes for the agreed guests and for the specific period of time mentioned in the agreement. The use of the property for any other purpose should be agreed upon by the owner. The decoration of the villa may differ from the photos. The maximum number of guests should not exceed the number specified in the agreement or on the company's website. Parties, weddings, receptions, or any other function that may cause additional traffic in the neighborhood require written permission in advance and may have additional requirements and fees. For the protection of the owner's privacy and security, clients and agencies renting the villa are not allowed to contract with concierge service providers without the permission of Ionian Reserve Company. Failure to comply may result in the denial of allowing providers to enter the villa. If any outside providers are found inside the villa, Ionian Reserve Company reserves the right to cancel the service immediately and will not be responsible for any monetary loss of service.

2. The security deposit is an amount of money that guests provide either in cash during check-in or by bank transfer with the final payment of their stay. This is to ensure that any damages made to the property are covered. If no damages occur during the stay, the full amount of the deposit will be returned in cash at check-out or via bank transfer within 15 days after check-out. However, if there are any damages, the cost of repairing them will be deducted from the security deposit. In the unlikely event that the cost of repairing or replacing any proven damages exceeds the security deposit, the guest will be responsible for covering the additional cost upon presentation of relevant invoices. Examples of typical charges that may be deducted from the security deposit include, but are not limited to, the following:

Please find below a revised version of the text:

  • Replacement of broken appliances, such as TVs, audio equipment, or electrical devices.
  • Repair and/or replacement of damaged furniture, window blinds, doors, windows, floors, bathroom showers, mirrors, wash basins, and so on.
  • Replacement of lost house keys, TV or ceiling fan controls.
  • Water replacement and cleaning services due to broken glass inside the swimming pool.
  • Cleanup services for stains and nail polish spills on furniture or sofas.

3. Failure to comply with Terms #1 or #2 or any of the following may result in immediate termination of the leasing agreement. In such a case, the occupants will forfeit the entire amount of their stay, excluding the security deposit amount (if no damage is present). They will also be required to vacate the property immediately and will not be allowed to return. The property owner may also contact the necessary authorities.

4. The owner of the property has the right to enter for inspection purposes at any time but will provide reasonable notice to the guest. Scheduled visits from supporting personnel such as the maid, gardener, and pool/Jacuzzi maintenance people will also be pre-agreed upon and communicated by an employee of Ionian Reserve Company (Ionian Reserve Luxury Villa Collection & Ionian Reserve Vacation Rentals).

5. Main food supplies such as groceries, meat, and vegetables, as well as alcoholic drinks, bottled water, and other supplies, are not included in the rental price.

6. The villa strictly prohibits smoking and tobacco products indoors and guests are kindly requested to adhere to this policy. While smoking outside, guests are also requested to use the ashtrays provided to avoid any fire hazards during the summer.

7. Rental day ends at 10:00 am. (check-out time). Guests staying beyond this time will be charged for an additional day.

8. Check-in time is after 17:00 pm.

9. It is expected that the property will be returned in a clean and tidy condition. If the property is left excessively dirty or messy, an additional cleaning fee may be deducted from the security deposit.

10. It is not permitted to make any changes to the setting or decoration of the property, including the placement of furniture, without the Owner's prior consent. Furnishings inside the property should remain inside, and those outside should remain outside. If the property is rearranged without permission, it may result in the cancellation of the booking, and the forfeiture of the entire stay and any damage deposit.

11. The guest(s) will be held liable for any damage caused to the property, as well as for the removal or destruction of any items on or around the premises, including plants, external structures, and others. It is expected that guests will treat the villas and their contents with respect. All villa items, such as linen and decorative objects, should remain at the villas and not be taken away.

12. Pets may only be brought onto the premises with prior approval of the Owner. If a pet is found on the premises without prior consent, the rental agreement may be cancelled.

13. Guests are expected to conserve water and energy. Please turn off lights, fans, stoves, air conditioners, water heaters, and TVs unless really needed! Water is a precious resource in the Greek Islands; use it, but do not abuse it.

14. Guests are required to use common sense and exercise caution in order to prevent any damage to the buildings and structures. It is strictly prohibited to bring any flammable or pressurized liquids, explosives, or items such as scuba tanks and oxygen bottles that may pose a threat to the safety of the property. Guests will be held legally responsible for any harm caused to the property and will be charged in accordance with the Greek Judicial System.

15. Guests are kindly requested to use their common sense and be considerate of their neighbors by refraining from making excessive noise or disturbance during the designated off-hours (15:00-17:30 and 23:00-08:30). Please note that the Owner reserves the right to immediately terminate the lease agreement without any reimbursement, should any official complaints be received regarding noise or drunken behavior, regardless of the time.

16. The safety of our guests is of utmost importance to us. We will take all logical and humanly possible measures to ensure their well-being. However, we cannot be held responsible for accidents or Acts of God that may result in sickness, injury or death of one or more of our guests during their rental.

17. The owner is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, deaths, or losses, including any consequential damages that may occur during the rental and use of their properties. By submitting your booking deposit, you agree to fully waive any future legal claims against the owner in the event of any such occurrence. This agreement is binding between the owner and the renter.

18. Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi Safety: This special clause applies to properties that have private or common swimming pools, which are used for leisure purposes. Guests are responsible for the safe use of the swimming pool and assume full responsibility for any accidents, injuries, or deaths that may occur. By signing this Agreement, the Guests waive any future claims against the Property Owner. PLEASE ENSURE THAT CHILDREN ARE NEVER LEFT UNATTENDED AROUND OR INSIDE THE SWIMMING POOL. The swimming pool and Jacuzzi of the property will be cleaned regularly and kept fully operational during the guests' stay. To ensure health and safety, guests must respect the following rules:

· Diving is strictly prohibited in the pool.

· Children should be continuously supervised when playing around or inside the pool and the Jacuzzi.

· The Guest and his party, including children, are strongly advised not to run around the pool with wet feet as floors may become slippery.

·We kindly advise guests to shower before entering the pool if they use tanning oils, as they affect water hygiene, including hair.

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi must be kept free of foreign objects such as food and cans.

·The use of glasses is prohibited in the pool and Jacuzzi. Plastic ones are provided for guests.

·All swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear. No street clothes or shoes allowed in the pool.

· All swimmers are required to use the restroom before entering the pool area. Swim diapers must be worn by all children who are not toilet trained.

· Children under 12 must be accompanied in the water by an adult 18 or older. They should not be left unattended in the pool or on the deck.

·Individuals who are unable to swim are prohibited from using the swimming pool.

·Individuals with contagious infections, diarrhea, skin lesions, or open sores are not allowed in the pool. Additionally, those with epilepsy are not permitted in the pool.

·The use of food, beverages, alcohol, or impairing drugs is prohibited in the pool.

·It is strictly forbidden to use any electrical appliances in the pool or its surrounding area.

· Lifeguard supervision is NOT requested - hence, pool hours of operation are strictly between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

The GUEST(S) [and in the case of a minor, the accompanying parent/guardian] hereby agree that any failure to comply with the outlined pool rules and regulations and thus any penalty or hardship or any act concerning the use of the pool and its surrounding area, or any activity associated with such, shall be the sole failure of the guest (s) and in no way implicates or subjects the management or the owner of the property, to liability or fault.
I.e. The GUEST agrees to assume all responsibility and to make all occupants aware of the risks and for the consequences of those risks and to be fully and solely responsible for any accidents that may occur. The GUEST agrees to waive any claim against the Property Owner or Manager for injuries or claims.

19. Please take note of the following information regarding security and valuables during your stay at the property. You are responsible for any valuables left at the property and the Ionian Reserve Company, the property Owner, and the property Staff cannot be held accountable for any lost, misplaced, or stolen items within the property. If a burglar alarm is provided, please make sure to activate it, use the safes provided, and take suitable care against theft and burglary. It is important that you keep all doors and windows closed and locked when leaving the accommodation or when being in the grounds. If any theft or damage occurs due to your negligence, the Owner reserves the right to request compensation from you. Please note that if you vacate the property due to a burglary, no refund will be given.

20. It is highly recommended to have a medical plan that covers all medical expenses in Greece. In case of any sickness or injury, our priority is to provide immediate professional medical assistance to the patient. If you or any member of your family has a serious chronic condition, including severe allergies, kindly inform us in advance. Please remember to bring adequate supplies of the medications you usually require, as it may be challenging to find them locally. If you are allergic to bees or wasps commonly found in Greece during the summer, please let us know and ensure to bring antidotes.

21. The owner can terminate the Leasing Agreement Immediately, with or without reimbursement, if there is evidence or complaints of violating Greek law.

22. The property's owner reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the property is damaged or becomes unavailable due to any unforeseeable event (force majeure). In such a situation, the guests will be moved to another property of equal or superior quality in the same area (if available).

23. In the event of a cancellation due to external factors such as Acts of God or Force Majeure, the Owner shall not be held responsible for any consequential damages resulting from the cancellation, including but not limited to ticket loss, extra charges, etc. Accordingly, no such claim(s) will be honored by the Owner.

24. Upon accepting this leasing agreement, the Guests confirm that they have legally entered Greece solely for vacation purposes and are in possession of valid documents to demonstrate this upon the request of the Authorities. Failure to provide valid documentation will result in the immediate cancellation of the Rental Agreement, and the full payment will be forfeited.

25. If for any reason the property fails to meet your requirements, please contact Ionian Reserve Company by telephone on the day of your arrival to report the issue. We will do our best to resolve the problem. However, if you wait until the end of your tenancy to make a complaint, we will not be able to accept it. In case you decide to vacate the property before the scheduled departure date, you must notify our local representative. Please note that you may not be entitled to a refund. We and the owner cannot be held responsible for any noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the property or which is beyond the owner's control. If there is a source of noise that is reasonably obvious and has been in existence before your arrival, we will inform you of the disturbance.

26. Ionian Reserve Company acts as an agent/agency of the Owner. Neither the Ionian Reserve Company nor any of its affiliated entities, shareholders, directors, employees, agents and representatives (‘Affiliates’) are responsible for any delays, accidents, damages, injuries, losses, or death suffered by you, your guests or the property. The Company or its Affiliates shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement or the rental or use of the Property. If, in spite of the limitations mentioned herein, the Company or its Affiliates are found liable for any loss or damage related to any of the occurrences described herein, then the Company’s or its Affiliates’ liabilities shall not exceed the total rental revenue paid by you at the time of the occurrence. After your booking, the Ionian Reserve Company may offer to help, coordinate, or organize certain guest services for you in connection with your property rental. Please note, the service providers are independent contractors and are not agents, representatives or employees of the Company. The Company and its Affiliates are not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches, or negligence of any such service provider or for any personal injuries, property damage, or other damages or expenses arising from it.

27. Jurisdiction: Any disputes shall be settled by Greek Law. Personal data processing clause for customer transactions.

28. This clause outlines how personal data will be collected and processed by IONIAN RESERVE COMPANY referred to as the "Controller," in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) implemented on May 25, 2018. The Processor will check and process personal data collected from customers to facilitate transactions and provide services. Personal data may also be shared with affiliated and associated companies of the Processor, but only under their directions. This clause applies to all customers who receive goods and services from our company. Customers may contact us at any time to inquire about their privacy policy and exercise their rights. Processing will be carried out in compliance with legal provisions and requirements of the Regulation, including obtaining consent where necessary and ensuring compliance with legal or contractual requirements to conclude a contract. The Controller may process customers' personal data where it is necessary to fulfill their legitimate interests, such as facilitating specific purposes.

  • "We aim to enhance the delivery of our services to ensure that our customers receive the best possible experience."
  • We are planning to improve our network security and information systems.
  • Advertising commercial products or services for the purpose of promotion.
  • Email communication.
  • The prevention of fraud and any other illegal activity.

We collect the personal data of our company's clients in compliance with the legal procedures and process it for as long as necessary. To safeguard the data against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use, we have implemented administrative, technical and physical measures.

We may disclose our customers' personal data to third-party suppliers who provide services on our behalf, subject to our instructions. These suppliers are not allowed to use or disclose the information unless they need it to provide services on our behalf or comply with applicable legal requirements.

According to the GDPR, as a data subject, you have the rights outlined in Articles 15-22.

  1. You have the right to access your data and confirm if it's processed according to the regulation.
  2. You have the right to request correction of any incorrect or incomplete information related to you.
  3. You have the right to ask the data controller to delete any information concerning you that is not necessary for the operation's purpose.
  4. Upon your request, we can limit the processing of your data to only what is strictly necessary.
  5. You have the right to receive your data in a machine-readable format such as a USB stick, and request its transfer to another controller.
  6. You have the right to object to the processing of your data, without providing a specific reason.
  7. You have the right to request that your data be processed by a human instead of automated means for the purpose of creating profiles.
  8. You have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (APDP) if your data is processed in violation of the Regulation.
  9. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, as stated in Article 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which allows your data to be processed.

In compliance with the Regulation, our company may be required to disclose personal data of customers under certain circumstances:

1) "If a legal provision or procedure requires it, and it is requested accordingly,"

2) Law enforcement authorities and government officials can access data through legitimate requests for disclosure.

3) Disclosure may be necessary to prevent physical or financial loss, or in an investigation into suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activity.

If you need any clarification regarding the issues mentioned above or if you want to inquire about exercising your rights, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us via phone at +30 6985617290 & +30 2674023815 or by email at info@ionianreserve.com

Additionally, please note that by signing this contract, the Guest automatically verifies their acceptance of the Rental Terms.

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