Old Vlahata Village

About the Experience

D iscover the unique charm of Vlachata village, which has remained frozen in time since the devastating earthquake in 1953. Despite the damage, the preserved facades of buildings, walls, streets, wells, old cisterns, stone ovens, and various tools and objects left behind by the settlers have survived. The ruins are now overgrown with trees and greenery, making it an enchanting place to visit. Take advantage of the Saristra Festival, held in the main square of the village, known as Saristra. This contemporary arts festival is an exciting way to experience modern music and contemporary cultural art while preserving the village's history and heritage. With the help of the local community and a group of young people, the festival has become an enormous success. If you are lucky enough to be in the area during the three-day festival in August, make sure you don't miss it! Come and experience the unique history and culture of Vlachata village, and be a part of the Saristra Festival, the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

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