About the Experience

L ixouri is the second largest town on the Kefalonia island, located 35 km west of Argostoli. The town has about 3,500 people, mainly engaged in agriculture and tourism. Lixouri lies opposite Argostoli's beautiful blue bay, which offers a stunning view of the capital. Regular ferries connect Lixouri and Argostoli, and the journey takes up to 30 minutes. The town was built on the site of the ancient city of Pali, one of Kefalonia's four principal cities during antiquity. However, a major earthquake in 1953 devastated the town, and only a few mansions survived. Like its neighbouring town, Argostoli, Lixouri has attracted many tourists since the beginning of the summer season. There are many restaurants and bars along the busy waterfront. Modern bars are usually filled with young crowds, while the main square, Petritsi Square, is surrounded by many old-fashioned cafes. If you stroll around the village, you will come across old churches with lovely frescoes, the Iakovatios Library and neoclassical buildings. For swimming, you can visit the beautiful beaches of Xi, Lepeda and Megas Lakos, all located near the town. The area organizes many local festivals throughout the year. It is widely known for its rich cultural tradition and is home to one of Greece's oldest philharmonic schools. Many locals are renowned for their musical talents.

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