Fteri Beach

About the Experience

N estled on the northern side of Kefalonia, Fteri Beach is a natural wonder. The beach is unspoiled and has crystal-clear turquoise waters that sparkle in the sun. The soft sand and smooth white pebbles create a unique texture that feels great underfoot. Visitors will find no amenities on the beach, allowing them to embrace the area's natural beauty fully. However, natural shade is scarce, so it's important to pack sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Compared to other beaches in the area that can get crowded with tourists, Fteri Beach is a relatively hidden gem. This is because it's difficult to access. The hiking trail to the beach takes about an hour but can be challenging due to the steep descent and ascent. However, the effort is worth it for those who seek a serene and peaceful environment. Alternatively, visitors can opt for a boat or water taxi ride, giving them a different perspective of the stunning coastline.

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