About the Experience

F iskardo, also known as Viscardo in the past, is a picturesque village in the northernmost part of Kefalonia. It is about 50 km north of Argostoli, Kefalonia's capital, and is close to Ithaca Island. The town is surrounded by cypress and olive tree-covered hills and is part of the municipal unit of Erissos. Fiskardo has a port and a marina that is popular among boaters and filled with yachts during the summertime. Visitors can enjoy the charming harbourside and explore the abundant taverns, bars, and shops. Despite being cosmopolitan nowadays, Fiskardo has a few historical sites for history buffs, such as the Venetian Lighthouse and the Roman Cemetery. It was the home of Nikos Kavvadias, one of the greatest Greek writers. Prehistoric graves indicate that the village has been inhabited for the last 40,000 years. Previously known as Panormos, it was a well-known port during the Roman period. The village was renamed Fiskardo after Robertus Wiscardus (Robert Guiscard), Duke of Apulia and Calabria and founder of the Kingdom of Sicily, who died at Atheras beach in 1085 during the time of Frankish (Norman) dominion in Greece. Despite the destructive earthquakes of 1953, Fiskardo remained unscathed and retained its traditional Ionian architecture, which adorns the alleys today. Notable Sights : • The Nautical and Environmental Museum • The Old 16th Century Venetian Lighthouse • The Victorian Lighthouse built in 1892. • The Roman Cemetry.

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