Early Byzantine Basilica Fiskardo

About the Experience

T he Early Christian period saw the construction of an awe-inspiring basilica(church) in honour of Saint Kerekas on a plateau atop the Fournias peninsula's highest peak. This plateau, now known as Chtouria, is located north of Fiscardo. The basilica featured three naves, a semi-circular external apse, a narthex, and two two-story towers. The sanctuary's niche preserved the pedestal of a synthone, while the stone pedestal of the holy trapeze/high altar has also endured. The grand temple built in the city of Panormos introduced the Christian religion to a flourishing town in the Roman world, a common practice in that era. The basilica's imposing structure reflects the city's importance during the Early Christian period, as verified in the contemporary Synecdemus by Hierocles.

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