Castle of Saint George

About the Experience

D iscover the fascinating history and breathtaking views at the Venetian Castle of Saint George in Kefalonia! Towering above the villages of Travliata and Peratata, this 320-meter-high peak has been a significant landmark since the 12th-century Byzantine era. Explore the polygonal-shaped castle and its 16,000 square meters of ruins, once the capital of Kefalonia until 1757. Marvel at Venetian families' various coats of arms and imagine the castle in its heyday. Despite suffering damage from earthquakes in the 17th century and the catastrophic earthquake of 1953, the Castle of Saint George remains a testament to the island's rich history. Take the stunning views of Argostoli and the neighbouring villages from the castle's vantage point. The nearby ruins of the Evangelistria medieval-era church and the church of Agios Theodoros offer additional opportunities to explore the island's past. Take the chance to visit this unique site. You can enter the castle for a small fee and immerse yourself in Kefalonia's rich history. Afterwards, relax in a nearby cafeteria or restaurant and soak up the beauty of the surrounding area.

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