Atheras Beach

About the Experience

T he mesmerizing shore of Porto Atheras is one of the island's most tranquil and family-friendly beaches. The small quay and coastline are situated near the charming and picturesque village of Atheras, which adds to the beach's allure. The beach's morphology is particularly appealing to swimmers as it is located in a protected bay, making it relatively safe. Its crystal-clear, shallow waters are exceptionally calm, and owing to their location, they are a tad warmer than other beaches on the island, making it the perfect spot for families to visit. The sandy beach is enveloped by verdant greenery, contrasting the lush surroundings and the clear blue waters. While the beach is not organized and has no natural shade, visitors can still enjoy a fantastic experience at the few taverns on the coast. The area surrounding the beach is a nature lover's paradise, with numerous paths offering breathtaking views and an exhilarating hiking experience. Hikers can also take the trail that leads to Ammidi to visit the nearby Saint Spyridon church, which has a unique blue colour that is a sight to behold!

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