About the Experience

K efalonia is full of quaint towns and villages, and this is undoubtedly one of the prettiest! Nestled on the hill of the small Erissos peninsula, 36km north of the capital city of Kefalonia, lies the enchanting village of Assos. This charming village rests on the water's edge, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. With its harmonious blend of picturesque elements, Assos is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places you can visit. As you explore the village, you'll be captivated by its stunning Venetian ruins, particularly the ruins of an old Venetian castle. The sight of pebbled beaches, traditional buildings, and colourful houses immediately draws you in. The narrow alleys, adorned with flowering foliage and old churches, add to the village's allure. Despite its small size, Assos is a significant place due to its strategic location. It has a rich history, and the ruins of the Venetian castle are a testament to this. Visiting this village is a unique experience that takes you back in time and allows you to admire its beauty and tranquillity.

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