About the Experience

A rgostoli is a pretty seaside town on the west side of Kefalonia, surrounded by small hills. It has around 10,000 residents and has been the island's capital since 1757. Argostoli is Kefalonia's largest shipping port and commercial and administrative centre. The town has a rich history, occupied by the Venetians, French, and British for centuries. These foreign cultures and influences have significantly impacted local life. Unfortunately, much of the town was destroyed in the 1953 earthquakes, but the British helped rebuild its infrastructure. Despite this, many buildings and ruins are still rich in history and cultural significance. From the 6th-century Cyclopean Walls of Ancient Krani to the renovated buildings after the earthquake of 1953, you can witness history unfold. Argostoli also boasts cultural landmarks such as the Koutavos Lagoon, which is surrounded by vegetation and high eucalyptus trees. Take advantage of visiting Argostoli to experience the full range of what Kefalonia offers. Notable Sights : • De Bosset Bridge or "Devosetos Bridge • English Cemetry • Koutavos Lagoon • The Cobble Street • The Lighthouse of Saint Theodori (or Fanari) • Korgialeneios Library and the Folklore Museum • Kefalos Theater • Katavothres

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