Antisamos Beach

About the Experience

A ntisamos Beach is a breathtaking destination boasting some of the most stunning scenery in Kefalonia. As you approach the beach, you will be greeted by turquoise waters that sparkle in the sunlight. A mesmerising landscape of green hills and lush vegetation surrounds the beach. The beach itself is well-organised and provides a comfortable experience for all. You can relax on one of the many sunbeds provided, soak up the sun under an umbrella, and enjoy a refreshing drink from one of the two beach bars. For those who seek adventure, watersport facilities are available. Walking behind the hill, you will discover a hidden gem perfect for nature lovers and sunbathers alike. Here, you can bask in the sun while enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. At the top of the hill lies the beautiful and charming Monastery of Agrillion. Antisamos has gained worldwide recognition from the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. The beach was one of the filming locations for some scenes, further emphasising its beauty. You can access the beach easily from a coastal road in Sami.

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