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As an enduring symbol of conviviality, celebration, success or just friendship, Champagne wines punctuate every critical moment in life. They christen the bows of ships as they are launched, send a shower of bubbles over the happy winners of sporting events, and bring a sparkle to memorable encounters.

F orever associated with culture and celebration, the image of Champagne began with the beau monde of the 18th Century and has been lovingly reinforced and maintained ever since. Champagne winemakers have a long association with the world of luxury, linked since the early days with all the pomp and circumstance of celebrations and significant cultural events.

Reserve wines are quality wines held back in reserve for several different reasons; they are invaluable for blending in times of very poor vintages, and they are also utilized in certain styles giving character and complexity, which is indicative of the House. It is a luxury that not all the smaller Houses can afford to keep in large quantities, but there is no denying the effect on quality it may bring.

Just as the Houses played a decisive role in making Champagne, not just an ordinary wine, that's precisely what we strive to do here at Ionian Reserve. Our key goal is to ferment your otherwise "ordinary holiday" into a symbol of dreams by blending in our reserves to impart to your stay roundness, richness and, a mellowed complexity.


L uxury is often associated with exclusivity and privilege enjoyed by an elite group.

However, a new idea of luxury is emerging that views the subject in an entirely different light. It is not that people no longer desire nice things, but they are starting to realize that the current definition of luxury is too simple. Luxury, in its new context, is about experiencing the best things in life. It is the enjoyment of beauty, knowledge, and humanity at their deepest and most inspiring levels. It is the sweetness of life that can come in various forms. Whether it's a stunning sunset, a soulful song, a moment of peace and satisfaction, a perfect cup of tea, a wonderful book, or a trip to the beach, luxury is any jolt of beauty or wonder that reminds us to love the life we're living.

This kind of luxury is not inaccessible, but it requires intention. Beauty must be sought out, and one must make a conscious choice to discover quality and enjoy it. This is the essence of new luxury: life must not only be lived but also enjoyed. It should be wholeheartedly embraced and worth it.

At Ionian Reserve, we believe that luxury can also be found in simplicity. We offer customized and meaningful experiences through our carefully selected Vacation Rental Homes that allow you to embrace this new definition of luxury and enjoy the sweetness of life.

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